Food Additives 食品添加剂


Well fed, well bred.


China will build credit files for food companies


China's top quality watchdog said Saturday that it will strive to build credit files for all the food companies and food-additive producers in the country before the end of the year.
The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine said the mechanism will better supervise companies for the quality of their products as food safety becomes a growing public concern in China.
In the first five months of the year, quality regulators across the country found a total of 3,312 companies which illegally used food additives, according to figures released by the government agency at a meeting held in Chengdu, capital city of southwest China's Sichuan province.
The agency said authorities also revoked the production licenses of 24 food companies and three other food-additive companies.
Further, authorities established credit files for 82,387 businesses during the period.





Current deposit, current account 活期存款(账户)

Fixed deposit, fixed account 定期存款(账户)

Joint account 联名存款帐户 

Automatic deposit 自动存款


Mortgage- 按揭,抵押


Deposit/withdrawal slips-存款/取款单   

Monthly statement- 银行月结单


Dr. Pearse Lyons (President of Alltech): traceability and crisis management system VS food safety
[ 2011年第27期 ]    
"low profile"是什么意思

A 浅色照片

B 顺从的姿态

C 自卑

D 低调

"a pain in the neck"代表什么意义

B 苦事

"a pain in the neck"代表“苦事”的意义。

It was such a pain in the neck that no one could save him from it.





In the Bank


Teller: Next please. How may I help you?下一位。请问您需要办理什么业务?

Customer:Yes, I’d like to make a withdrawal from my saving account and cash a check.我想从储蓄账户里取点钱,并兑现一张支票。

Teller:Certainly sir. Please complete this withdrawal slip, with your name, account number and amount of withdrawal.好的,先生。请填写一下取款单,写上您的名字、账号以及取款金额。

Customer: There you go.好的。

Teller:Thank you. How would you like that? 谢谢。您需要面额多大的钞票?

Customer:Could I have two hundreds, two fifties, and the rest in twenties. 我想要两张一百的,两张五十的,其余的都是二十。

Teller:Here you are. I need you to endorse the back of the check you want to cash and I’ll need to see an ID. 钱给您,拿好了。麻烦您在要兑现的支票后面签个字,并把您的身份证给我。

Customer:No problem. 没问题。

Teller:Here you are. Will that be all today? 这是您的钱。您还需要办理其他业务吗?

Customer:Yes, that will do it. Thanks. 不用了。谢谢。

Teller:Thank you. Have a pleasant day. 谢谢。祝您今天愉快!